Seaport District of NYC

The South Street Seaport District of NYC New York is the historic area of the city where many civic, state and federal government are situated  It has been transformed in recent years from a gritty maritime seaport area into a vibrant tourist-friendly destination.

Attractions in the Seaport area include the following:

  1. Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Cruise ship Terminal
  3. New York City Hall
  4. Peking Sailing Ship
  5. Pier 17 Pavilion
  6. Seaport Museum Gallery
  7. Titanic Memorial Lighthouse
Seaport District of New York City
NYC, New York

The Seaport District is located on the southern tip of Manhattan Island between Lower Manhattan and the Upper East Side in NYC New York.  There is a visitor's centre at:

12 Fulton Street
NYC, New York

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